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Economic crises, Migration and Development in Egypt (coordination : Sophie Bava pour la France et Mustafa Kamal El Sayyid pour l’Egypte).

Personnel LPED impliqué

  • BAVA Sophie - Doctorat d’anthropologie sociale et ethnologie
  • BREDELOUP Sylvie - Socio-anthropologue, docteur de l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales (Centre d’études africaines, Paris), HDR, directrice de recherches à l’IRD.

Mots clés

Migration, Economie, Egypte, Afrique, Maghreb, Révoltes, Rapatriés

Thématique de recherche

Les crises économiques et sociales qui affectent l’Egypte re-questionne la question des migrations égyptiennes vers l’Europe ou dans les pays du Golfe mais aussi la place des migrations africaines en Egypte et les nouvelles routes que les migrants empruntent suite aux « printemps arabes ».


What impact does labor migration exert on development ? How is such impact manifested under normal conditions and in economic crises situations ? Such relationships among these variables have not been adequately examined in the case of Egypt. Since labor migration has become crucially important for Egypt’s economy, society and politics, the analysis of these relationships must also be useful for Egyptian policy makers and the enlightened public opinion in the country as well. To examine these relationships in the case of Egypt, this proposal suggests a combination of techniques of analysis. The exploratory mapping of the impact of crises on migration and development would be effected through three brief studies of the three cases of crises, two rooted in the volatility of the international economy with the recession of the 1980’s manifested in the Arab world in the mid 1980’s , and the most recent global financial crisis of 2007-2008, and the third was the « arabics spring » which upset our countries. Building a theoretical model illustrating the operation of this triangular relationship would be a first step that guides the research team in its examination of the different dimensions of this relationship. Empirical research would use the techniques of surveys of communities of migrant Egyptian workers first abroad : in France Italy, China and United Arab Emirates which have been all affected by the most recent global financial crises though in varying degrees, and in four Egyptian villages in the Delta and Upper Egypt whose population have experienced unequally labor migration and return, A more detailed analysis of the impact of migration of individuals’ and communities’ development would be sought through the use of the life history method with ten of migrants at home and abroad. Finally, in order to integrate views of policy-makers, this proposal envisages also conducting interviews with some senior government officials in charge of migration, investment and development policies. Findings of this research would be disseminated through a website communicating development of the project to a wider public and a concluding conference bringing together researchers and policy makers in the country. Four specialized round table discussions would cater for particular communities of institutions concerned with this issue of migration and development. A book will be published together with a policy brief in Arabic. If funding is available this book could be also published in English and French. Finally statisticians in the project would provide training for a select group of Egyptian university students and staff of Egyptian institutions interested in migration and development.


Les équipes de ce programme de recherche conduit en partenariat entre le LPED et PID / Université du Caire mènera des enquêtes en Egypte, à Dubaï, en Chine, au Burkina Faso, au Maroc, en France et en Italie.

Chercheurs impliquées

Bava Sophie, LPED / IRD

Bredeloup Sylvie LPED / IRD

Pliez Olivier LISST / CNRS

Mustafa Kamel el Sayyid ( PID / Université du Caire)

Awad Ibrahim (CMRS / AUC)

Amer Mona ( FESP / Université du Caire)

Nadine Sika ( PID / Université du Caire).


PID (Partners in Development), Le Caire

FESP de l’Université du Caire.

CMRS de l’American Univerity of Cairo

LISST de l’Université de Toulouse
LERDYS de l’Université de Ouagadougou




octobre 2012– septembre 2015

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