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MC3 - Mediterranean Cities and Climate Change

A Mediterranean Network for Urbanism and Environment

MC3-Network : Mediterranean Cities and Climate Change.

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« This work is been carried out thanks to the support of the A*MIDEX project (n° ANR-11-IDEX-0001-02) funded by the « Investissements d’Avenir » French Government program, managed by the French National Research Agency (ANR) »

Responsible : Hubert Mazurek

Présentation MC3 - Mediterranean Cities and Climate Change from Salmon Amélie on Vimeo.

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First Mediterranean Workshop - Marseille - 2,3 June 2015

In the face of increasing urban population concentration on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea, it is important, following the recommendations of the UN-Habitat and the GIEC, to estimate the contribution of the city to climate changes, and the impact of these changes on urban practices. There are, however, few measurement tools for climate at intra-urban scale, and few programs focusing on the collective understanding of climate change and the practices of urban planning. This project proposes the establishment of a Mediterranean network of institutions, a survey of current knowledge and measurement tools at the interface between climate change and town planning.
This network will be established by research institutions, by urban monitoring observatories, and by institutions related to urban design, planning and management. It will provide two surveys of current knowledge. The first concerns the measurement tools and used and usable indicators regarding climatology and urban microclimatology. The second will be based on an inventory and an analysis of the existing programs, and experiences of city planning including issues related to climate change. The work will be summarized in a white paper on urban planning at Mediterranean scale, and research perspectives and a proposal for a program at Euro-Mediterranean scale.

The four aims are : 1-to develop partnerships with the research institutions, monitoring centers and networks around the Mediterranean Sea, to exchange experiences and develop new research programs ; 2-to develop strategies for institutional relations between observatories and research laboratories on the theme of urban planning and climate change ; 3- to update and develop the systems for the observation and knowledge of cities on the basis of targeted programs ; 4-to generate a dynamic for the setting up of a Euro-Mediterranean program on this theme.

The program will be based on South-North coordination, and for the organization of exchanges between the various participating institutions. From an initial core of institutions, the first task will be to broaden the network and to build a collaborative Web tool ; the second task will be to explore the measurement tools for climate change ; the third will focus on investigating tools and innovations related to town planning ; the last task will be to present a survey highlighting the Mediterranean specificities of this climate change - urban planning interface.

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